Proudly serving Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding counties, CONCRETE AND STEEL CONTRACTORS. has been the trusted go-to source for all phases of concrete work and excavation since 1990. Whatever type of concrete or concrete service your commercial or residential property requires or you desire, we are confident our competent and insured professionals can fulfill the request to your satisfaction, in a timely and affordable manner. Although we have 25 years of industry experience, concrete is not all we do! We also specialize in brick and natural stone, so you have your choice of a wide range of high-quality, durable materials for your next project. Best of all, we do custom work with ease! At Concrete & Steel. we provide concrete finishing, steel fabrication, welding, core drilling and concrete cutting and removal using blasting and non blasting methods. We can create custom decorative concrete floors and more. One of our specialties is custom made steel stairs, using the highest quality diamond plate stair treads. We offer competitive pricing. Call for a FREE ESTIMATE!We are here for all your concrete needs!


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